Asia Camel Country Club

Founded in 2020, the name of this club is derived from the shape of this land. Which from the view of the satellite, the geographical shape of our country club resembles a camel. As we all know a camel is one of the most enduring animals which can withstand changes in temperature and low water consumption that would kill most other mammals, and during winter it can survive up to 7 months without drinking any water. The Camel represents our land and the tenacity of our spirit. The Asia Camel Country Club have adopted it as our logo and represents our source of pride.

The country club consists of 800 hectares of land and the project bring together innovative research centres, education and cultural exchange centre. It also represents an ecological and sustainable environment to conserve and protect our natural forest for the future generation.

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Be someone who has a positive Attitude that stays Loyal to the Commitment to built an Ecological environment for this Magnanimous Planet Earth.

Vision & Mission

To be a role model for future generation and to create an ecologically sustainable environment.