Asian Camel Country Club

Create a Better Environment and
Living for the Local People.

Conserve to Serve

The country club consists of 800 hectares of land and the project bring together innovative
research centres, education and cultural exchange centre. It also represents an ecological and
sustainable environment to conserve and protect our natural forest for the future generation.
Founded in 2020, the club name comes from this form of land. Which when viewed from the satellite,
the geographical shape of our country club resembles a camel.


Our Values


Commitment is the key point in every business relationship and in every relationship, this is the basic rule that we should abide by. Our commitments are the basic foundation of our business, our commitment will be transparent and we will live up to our promise.


Attitude always come first rather than skills and someone who has a good attitude will thrive in all their pursuit in life.


Be Magnanimous toward every being, be generous to the need, be understanding and tolerant toward everyone even your opponent, be noble and generous in spirit and be a good-hearted person.


We will always stay true to ourselves, stay supportive to our members and being loyal is the most precious asset.


We commit to building an ecological environment and being a role model for the future generation. It is our mission to protect our planet so that the current and future generations can enjoy what mother earth has to offer.

Our Activity